Mozzy feat. EST Gee - Lurkin

Mozzy feat. EST Gee - Lurkin
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  • Опубликовано: 2022-07-01 07:10:16
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Текст песни
[Intro: EST Gee]
(Yeah, yeah)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: EST Gee]
You know I still don't feel nothin', on my dead brothers
Drag snitches through his PO, when he's touched, guess you was scared of me
Qualified to lead us on this ride 'cause I'll kill somethin'
Homicide runnin' through my mind, that's my pill bussin'
Mama asked to bring it back then, I ain't healed from it, still thuggin'
Even though they watchin', I don't see I'm comin', friend nothin'
Watered out my body in the field huntin'
On the Gram bluffin', know what's up, soon as I see, up it
In the five we burn niggas, learn when that steel touchin' (Nigga, learn)
Bet they won't hear anything from him, got to dig up him
[Verse 2: Mozzy]
Appreciate the bail money
Know I payed him back soon as I touched, just 'cause it felt funny
Get off your ass and sell somethin'
Promise not to tell nothin', MotoRola cell bussin'
Lock on anything that pose a threat, it ain't no tale I'm tuckin'
Crop out anything that ain't from the set unless he know somethin'
Take him to the Spitta', 'fore he bleed out, ain't no help, dummy
BBs in his belt somethin', fleekin' with the million drip
Floaties on the Delta runnin', peekin' through these mirror tons
They love the way I move, the bitch, it's spooky, need experience
Act like they gon' squeeze it when they beat me, shit get berious
Fifty for appearances, quarter on the back end
Don't call me by no chain that niggas took if you ain't tapped in, tap in

[Verse 3: EST Gee]
Hmm, yeah, the facts is, I was still gettin' active while I'm rappin' (I was still gettin' active)
Tragic niggas lackin' and they families peep they casket (And they families pick they coffin)
Bodies still be happenin', if you want smoke, I'm turnin' matches (I'm turnin' matches, nigga)
Make them niggas get here with a switch, turn it into ashes (Brr)
Like, how he go from laughin' to wheezin' and gaspin?
Traffic, and the traffic turn shooters into trappers (I turned shooters into trappers)
Fifty, how you sick, tryna cook a brick massless? (Tryna cook a brick massless)

[Interlude: Mozzy]
We ain't mention attemptin', you niggas trippin'
[Verse 4: Mozzy]
Went down for a thing, built down, and it went down again
I'm in love with glickys, play with heckles every now and then
Resume impeccable, really put them hours in
On Deezy, it get greasy, when it's up, I'm tryin' cheesy
Reconstruct the facials on the pavement how we leave you
Niggas claimin' bodies they ain't bodied, this shit tweaky
Suckers hit my bread and I went bonkers for Mom Neesy
Since she can't get her daddy back, couple of 'em got whacked for that

[Chorus: Mozzy]
Urus trucks, back to back, they know that's the membership
You ain't did nothin' recently for clips, you insignificant
Urus trucks, back to back, they know that's the membership
You ain't did nothin' recently for clips, you insignificant
I'ma lay this shit
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